Tans Will Fade, but Memories Last Forever

Summers are for making countless memories, relaxing, or working your life away because you have a Greekbill and other bills to pay. This is our time to push school work aside and just be. No one to assign us endless deadlines, no one to tell you where you need to be and when, and no one to determine your schedule.

selfie nash.JPGSummers are for reinventing yourself. Like Christina is going into her Senior year twenty pounds lighter and Lauren is coming back with a new sense of determination!! If there is something you do not like, summers are there for you to consider shaking things up; whether it be losing weight, gaining weight (cause lets be real that Planet Fitness membership is just for looks), cutting your hair, coloring your hair, or changing your style completely, the summer allows us the chance to actually do something about it and WOW everyone when school starts back in the Fall. Summer is that time of year where you take a deep breath and let go of whatever happened during the semester. Click that restart button and let yourself explore a little!

TN Cu picThis year. This summer. It actually means something more to us. Somehow Lauren and I have managed to graduate at the same time (**cue the tears**). This is our last summer of freedom (unless we don’t find big girl jobs and then HECK YEAH to celebrating summer!!). And it could be our last summer together. Lauren could be moving back to Miami, and Christina could be moving back to Georgia. It’s kinda bittersweet to think about. It’s also something crazy to think about. Just yesterday we were awkward (we’re not anymore in case you were wondering) little teenagers being moved into the dorms. How life and time can pass so quickly, we don’t know. But, of course we don’t want to dwell on the negative!! We have taken the time and opportunity to rediscover. Rediscover who we are individually, rediscover love, and rediscover a place we like to call home.

flower picThe easiest thing to do was play tourists in our state we call home. After a full day of shopping, we did the most millennial thing we could do–go downtown to take pictures in front of well-known murals. Nashville is a place where we have come and gone through, but never have we taken the time to explore. It has become such a hub of up-and-coming talents that we couldn’t resist! It is so amazing how things can grow. In all of Christina’s 13 years here, never could she imagine it becoming the next best thing. Nashville has become our home, no matter how unrecognizable it can become. Since Lauren didn’t grow up in Tennessee she has come to love and embrace her new home and loved discovering Nashville. Its a fast paced city with a homey small-town feel filled with hipster cafes and dogs which is very different from the hustle and bustle of Miami that she is used to. But different is good, and learning how to embrace a new hometown this summer was challenging. However,  being surrounded by great friends and making great memories made it feel just like home.

Cu solo pic NashJust as hometowns can grow and change so can you as a person. Becoming older each and every year is the worst (Lauren knows, being 23 and all! lol)! But along with growing older, comes change. So much can happen in such a short amount of time that you could be different now than how you were in January. Does this mean it’s a bad thing? No, not necessarily. To us, it just means that you are growing as a person. If we were to be the same people we were in high school then the world would be a much different place, wouldn’t it? So, embrace change. It is something that happens with or without our acceptance, so why not make the best of  it? Why not show it who is HBIC? Take it by the horns, and don’t look back.

During these weird and confusing “Not a girl but not yet a women” years, it’s important to enjoy every moment and make the most of the time you have to spend somewhat responsibility-free life. As seniors in college we are nostalgic about everything, but instead of dwelling on the past we plan on looking forward to the future and embracing whatever comes next, whether thats moving to a new state or stepping out of our comfort zones we are going to have a bomb senior year!

Cu and loe Nash

Let us raise our glasses. To the things we love. To remembering. To moving on.


Christina & Lauren






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