How to Beat the Summer Heat!!

Ahh Summer….longer nights, hanging out with your friends and sweating out every ounce of liquid in your body from the blistering heat! It’s fun, right?!? As much as we love summer we despise the heat–makeup melting off your face, getting burned by those leather seats, getting burned by your seatbelt, and even worse…boob sweat!!!! Luckily we’ve found ways to beat this summer heat and managed to stay cool!

fam picA pool day (or if you’re fortunate enough, a beach day) is a classic way to stay cool in the heat. Gather your best pals and have fun splashing around in the cool water and most importantly–tan. No matter the UV index or the amount of clouds, get out there and get your tan on!! Lauren and I like to use a deep dark no SPF or SPF 6 tanning oil. Is this good for you? Well, no. But are we tan? HECK YEAH we are (Christina being the tannest one)! But for our fair people out there, slather on your sunscreen and protect the scalp. We also highly recommend investing in some really cute pool floats, perfect for floating and Instagram pictures (I mean it’s really about the insta, right?) 😉


IMG_2631Okay so question, when was the last time you had a good ol’ fashioned water fight?? Well if its been more than 10 years its time to break out those water guns because we highly recommend a water fight. We decided to have our water fight after dark (oh scandalous!) You can go big, but we decided to go home because you know in college and food to us is much more recommended (shoutout to El Tapatio for our expanding waistlines). Christina picked up some water squirter things from the trusty ole Dollar Tree, and lemme tell ya those things were the best part of the night!! Who knew something that only cost a dollar could be so great and powerful?! If you’ve never been to one, don’t knock it before you try it. Dollar Tree is a lifesaver.

We hope y’all are staying cool this summer too! No matter how old we get, it doesn’t hurt to try to stay as young as we can. Be silly and just remember to have fun–these children running around (who else can’t wait for them to be back in school?) don’t get to have all the fun! So, come home from a long work day and have your water ballon fight at night. You might mistake debris on the ground for the balloons but hey it was fun right?


Christina & Lauren

group pic 1


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